A fairly family centric post

110522 - teapot

Isn’t it cute? This teapot was a Christmas gift from my sister Jaz (along with tea and teaballs). She knows me so well. I love the pattern and the colors on it. ^_^

No new news really. Still knitting Rhombus. I would’ve had the pair done by now, but I got sidetracked by two things. Firstly, I discovered the library in the centre of Sheffield (how had I not been in there before now??) and I’ve spent my lunch breaks reading The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory instead of knitting. And while I’ve been at home, I’ve been knitting a DK version of one of my designs. The shawlette has been sent to testers and I’m hoping to release the pattern by the end of July (it all depends on how fast my testers are and how much trouble the charts are giving me). So that’s where my knitting time has gone.

I was just on the phone with my dad (just occurred to me, I only talk with him like once a month. Huh.). My youngest sister Jade wants to come over at some point this summer and I was just letting him know that I need some advance warning so that I can request time off work for when she’s here. I hope she does get to come. She’s really cute and loves to be photographed, so I could use her as my knitwear model. I wish we all lived closer to each other. We’re all so spread out right now. Ellu is in Chicago, Jaz is in Belgium and Jade’s in Finland while I’m here. At least it’s fairly easy for me to get to each of them. But it’s still at least a day’s travel, no matter where I’m going. And it’s not as cheap as just driving over (like we do with O’s parents). It’d be nice if O’s sister lived closer too. I want to play with my nephew! And teach him Finnish. I want him to be able to speak to his future cousins in both languages, not just in English.