110529 - rhombus03

It felt like these socks took forever to knit. Partially because I knit almost three of them. The first one was out of Nerdclub2000’s Elementary Sock in Macbeth’s Tartan, but after the gusset decreases, I frogged it. Weird pooling and I really didn’t like how the colors looked in reverse stockinette stitch. So now I’ve got a pair from Araucania Ranco Multy in some random number color. I love how the Ranco feels and knits up. I’d probably be happier with these socks if I hadn’t had to rip out the first one. But at least they’re done. And they’re mine. All mine!

And I’ve moved onto a pair of really happy socks! The pattern’s BFF by Cookie A and the yarn is just so pretty and happy (pinks and reds and oranges; it’s some Regia that Ryan bought me one year for Christmas) and goes so well with the simple pattern. ^_^

In other news, I will not be renewing my passport in London this week like I thought I would. I’m still going to London, since we have our train tickets and the time off work, but if I can renew it in Finland for much cheaper, then I will. Seriously, £105 to renew it in London (that’s with normal delivery!) or 53€ for the exact same thing in Finland. Now, since I don’t have a week to hang out in Finland, I’ll be paying a bit more to get it done the same day (82€/£71), but it’s still cheaper than London. Ridiculous. Ridiculous prices.

The bright side of this? I have more money to spend on yarn at Woolfest! :D (And I will be buying new shoes too since my current ones are kinda falling apart. It helps that I’ve got a £10 off Amazon voucher to use too.)