London baby!

110603 - London baby!

This is a London baby. Our nephew to be exact. Isn’t he adorable? Really well behaved too (most of the time). A bit mischievous, but that’s why babies are so fun. They keep you on your toes.

So we went down to London on Thursday and came back today. Stayed over at O’s sister’s. Never have I been so glad to come home again. Sleeping on an air mattress is not fun. Especially when you need to share it with someone else. Every time O moved, I moved. Plus, since we were sleeping in the living room, we had to get up when the baby got up (which was around 7am every day).

We did do quite a few awesome things though:

Friday: very thrilling. Went to Sainsbury’s.

Saturday: The Loop! No Wollmeise for me. The selection was pretty small and they didn’t have any WM laceweight, which is what I wanted. I did buy other stuff though. Pictures will go on Rav soon (tomorrow most likely). Then we met up with Ryan and went to the Tower of London. Spent almost four hours wandering around. It was pretty cool. Now, I kinda regret not taking pictures while there but at the time I was just enjoying being there. Anyway, after that, we decided to walk to Waterloo station from there. Kinda farther than we realized but it was a nice walk all the same. Had dinner at Zero Degrees.

Sunday: Went for a walk with O’s sister (to ASDA of all places XD). Then in the afternoon we went over to Ryan’s. The boys played on the Xbox while I knit and read. I bought my first ebook just before we left and I swear I can see the money just flying out of my bank account. Turns out, I really like reading on my iPod touch. I still like “actual” books too. Got two waiting for me at the library right now so I’m not fully converted yet. There are cool features to ebooks though. Like just tapping a word and it brings up a dictionary definition for it.

Monday: Met up with a Plurk friend for lunch, then went to the sci-fi exhibit in The British Library. Met up with our former dance team captain and went to The Natural History Museum. Can I just say that museums rock? Especially with free entry? Oh oh oh! And I’m pretty sure I spotted a knitter on the Tube. She was wearing a very cool earring (yarn ball with needles through it) and a knit hat and had this bag. I first saw the bag and squeed internally, then I noticed the earring and hat and was positive I’d spotted a knitter. Now, where can I get one of those bags?

Tuesday: Came home! And boy am I glad to be back. The very first thing I did when we got home was go shower. I hate London water. Makes my hair all sticky and hard to manage. Yorkshire water is so nice in comparison (although I still think that Finnish water is the best). Ryan agrees. He also said that Yorkshire water is wetter than London water. Which I agree with.

While we’ve been gone, my indoor plants have flourished. No idea how since I forgot to water them before we left. The basil’s looking a bit dead and the strawberry plant’s drooping slightly, but the lettuce and beetroot and coriander just went nuts. Tomorrow (I’ve got the rest of the week off) I’ll be transferring some of the plants outdoors now that they’re strong enough. I’m also planning on doing lots of laundry and cleaning while I’m off. I like cleaning. Don’t give me that look. It’s fun. I make it fun. Because if I didn’t, nothing would get done. Plus, I’m a bit… let’s just say I like things in order. ^_^

Oh and knitting! The BFF socks are done. Cast on for Wedges. First one is done. Gotta say, not a huge fan of the pattern. Looks really wide (did the 64 st size, M?) and really short but they fit so… Anyway, my goal is to get the second one done this week, as well as finish spinning the fibre I started spinning last autumn. What can I say? I got distracted and then I lost my spinning mojo. It hasn’t quite returned, but I really want the yarn that I’m spinning up so I’ll just push through.