Adventures in sewing

For a few years now, I’ve thought about making an advent calendar out of fabric that I can fill up myself. Mainly because I really dislike the advent calendar chocolate in the ones you buy from the stores, but I do like the idea of a countdown to Christmas. My friend Lucy and I decided to just do it this year. We bought the front fabric bit online, then yesterday we went to a fabric shop to get wadding and the backing fabric. Now, the front bit comes with instructions that are fairly straightforward. Cut here, tack here, topseam these bits. Then it says: “Back the calendar with fabric. We recommend you use wadding to give more body.”


As Lucy said, that’s like one of the technical challenges from the Great British Bake Off (which we both watch): “Make the jam.”

We thought it best to leave it for now and to Google a lot while we regroup. I have an idea of how to try it out, but I don’t actually know if it’ll work or not. At least with sewing (just like with knitting) it can always be ripped out if the mistakes really bother me. And my calendar has a few wonky seams. I’m calling it special. It’s my first one and I feel having a reminder of how far I’ve come in sewing will be a good thing. This is assuming that I’ll keep sewing of course. ;)

As for knitting, my Agnes sweater is finally done! No photos yet as I just finished seaming it five minutes before I started writing this. Haven’t even tried it on yet. Well, not the completely finished sweater anyway. I did try on the body of the sweater after I’d seamed it up to double-check that it was fine before I started knitting the sleeves. All I’ve got OTN is the Kelsey Mitts from Knitscene Fall 2012. I really like this issue. Too bad it’s not possible to subscribe to it. That would be the one magazine I’d seriously consider subscribing to.