Late night babbling.. maybe it’s the alcohol?

*yawn* I really should go to sleep. It’s just nice being up all by myself, having me time. Haven’t had much of that lately. It’s just so cramped around here. Seven people living together… soon it’ll be eight when my uncle gets back from my other uncle’s summer cottage. Good news though, I won’t have to put up with it for too long. Going back to Rotherham in two weeks! o/ Haven’t actually bought my ticket yet, but I’ll do it tomorrow. It was a bit too late to go over to the room with the comp when Dad finally agreed to let me go. More good news, my grandfather got out of the hospital a few days ago. ^_^ Still no clue what made his feet and knees retain loads of water but at least he’s back here. He said he’d like to come swimming with us, but the doctors told him to rest at least a week more before he’s up and about. Speaking about swimming, went to the lake today. Don’t know how but I managed to burn my face and left shoulder. Now why it’s just the left one and not the right one, I have no clue. I read for about 10 minutes before I went into the water.. I can’t burn that easily, can I? ;_;

I’ve decided that I like rum. I just had a cranberry Bacardi Breezer. The pineapple is nice too. Had to drink it by myself this late because of my grandparents. They think that people who drink any kind of alcohol are good-for-nothing drunks. They don’t even approve of having wine with dinner. Coffee is also a no-no. At least they’ve got tea here. I really like the herbal stuff they’ve got.

I’ve written four more sentences to OA. Go me. *sigh* I just can’t seem to figure out what comes next in it. I don’t know how to get to the evening part of the first day. But at least I’ve already got 8 pages worth of text. That’s in total, not just the fourth chapter. XP I just really want to finish the fourth chapter before I leave. I know that when I get over to Oliver’s I won’t have the time or discipline to actually write anything. I’ll be glad if I can even be bothered to update this. Maybe I’ll be more consistent with my updates when I get to Aberystwyth. I got a letter from them today. Said that the Fresher’s Weekend is the 24th-25th of September. The term starts on the 26th… I wonder how I’m gonna get all of my stuff there. The best way would be with a car but that might not be a possibility. Worst case scenario is that I go there straight from Rotherham on my own. O_O Not something I’d like to do, but if it’s my only option then do it I shall. That’d just mean that I wouldn’t get all of the clothes (among other things) to my room immediately. Like my new shoes. Yes, I’ve bought yet another pair. These are purple-y pink round toed two inch heels. I have a shirt that is pretty close to their colour, but surprise surprise, it’s in storage in Belgium. And how would I get all of my winter clothes there? It snows in Aberystwyth! Not much, at least I don’t it does, but I’ve seen pictures of the place when there’s snow on the ground. Pretty, but it means I need my winter coat and proper shoes and… mih. ;_;