Tomorrow, tomorrow.. I’m going tomorrow

Going to Aberystwyth tomorrow… sorta nervous about it. Well, less nervous now that we actually have the train tickets (boy did that take a long time to book them on the phone!) and taxi ordered for tomorrow morning. The train leaves at about 10:20 a.m. so I should be in Aberystwyth around 3:30 p.m. Oliver’s coming with me which is very nice since I’ll prolly be a nervous wreck on the trains. He’ll keep me sane and calm. Hopefully. ^_^;;; He’ll go back on Sunday though. Staying for just one night. But that’s better than nothing. I’ll be pretty busy anyway, registration and whatnot.. so it’s probably best if he does go back almost immediately. We won’t be apart for too long. I might be going to Ryan & Shaun’s house warming in Leicester in mid-October so I’ll see him there. :) Next I’ll just have to figure out what to get them. Plants? Dunno.. I’ll find something.

Anywayz, still no bank account so it’ll have to wait until I get to Aberystwyth and open it over there. Annoying. But I do have a UK mobile number now. o/ And I got an early Christmas present: a Gameboy Advance. Something to keep me sorta occupied on the train at least. ^-^

Aberystwyth, house warming