First week almost through

All of this is so tiring! But I have managed to get loads of stuff done. Yesterday was registration and I decided to take Basic French as an extra module this semester. I would’ve taken the Advanced French, but I only had 20 credits left and that one used up 30. So I had to down grade to Basic French. At least it’ll be an easy course. No stress really there. ^_^ Next year I might want to take Basic German or Basic Spanish. Dunno yet. I still have a year to decide. XD

I like my flatmates. There’re two quiet ones, besides me that is, two really in-your-face ones (as in loud) and the three remaining ones are from the middle. So far I’ve had the most contact with Phil, Neve (I’m not sure is that the way you spell it because she’s Irish and they’ve got some wonky spelling sometimes, just like the Welsh! XD) and Caroline. Lewis keeps inviting me to join the rest of them when they do stuff, but I think it’s mainly because he’s like this go-between. Anyway, last night there was a houseparty that our flat hosted. Really noisy. A few wardens came round to complain at everyone around midnight I think. I didn’t go cause believe it or not, it’s been a very tiring few days. Especially with all the running up and down hills to get to everywhere where I wanted to go to. In the rain. Like right now, I’m soaking wet. I’m in the Llandinam building in the computer room. Outside.. nasty. I was about to go into town with three of my flatmates (to buy a sweater) but the weather.. nuh uh. It’s pouring rain and really windy. :-S Soooo looking forward to getting back to my room. Hopefully it’ll let up soon. And that I get my laptop soon so I won’t have to brave this kind of weather whenever I want to use a computer.

In other news, the bank has been sorted out, I should have my account by Friday and they’re gonna send me the card. I’ve met loads of people while I’ve been running around trying to get everything done. Can’t remember most of their names, but I can recognize their faces. So we all just say hey and wave if we’re farther away from each other to actually say anything.

I’ve decided not to join any extracurricular activities just yet, first I need to see how much spare time I’ve got. I think I’ve got nothing on Wednesdays and Thursday but Tuesday is still open. Monday and Friday are packed. I just hope that my last class on Friday’s is the French one, which’d let me end my school day at 2 pm. I prefer morning classes anyway. More of a morning person. Just like the lecturer this morning said to me at 9 a.m.: “Anyone who’s smiling at this hour of the day is always in the right place.” I had only asked was this the right room for the IS: Network Info lesson.

I guess I should go get something to eat soon. Still not sure do I wanna make spaghetti in the kitchen or just grab something from the Rosser Bar. Haven’t had the time today to think about what I’ll eat later tonight. So tomorrow I have to go to the supermarket to get more food. Right now all I’ve got is spaghetti, quark, muesli (but no milk!), apples, chocolate, toast and marmalade. Egh. Good thing I’ve got my bus card. No way I’d be able to walk all the way up that hill again with the amount of food I’m gonna purchase.

On Tuesday, when I did go to Lidl to buy food and stuff, I decided to take a bus back up. Since I had no clue which bus goes up the hill, I asked the two guys that were nearest to me. The reply I got was: “Before I tell you which busses go there, you tell me which part of the States you’re from.” -_-;; They looked throughly confused when I said that wasn’t from there or Canada. But that wasn’t the only time people thought I’d come from the States! Two members of staff thought I was from there just today. And every time I tell them that I’m from Finland, they look surprised and apologize for calling me a Yank or American or whatever.. I guess my accent really is that strong. At least to British ears. Although some American students I’ve met also thought that I’d come from the States.. It’s a cross I’ll have to bear. Being mistaken for an American where ever I go.

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