Such a nice sunny day.. why am I inside??

Urgh.. I so cannot be bothered to write my essay. It’s too much of a pain. And now I find out that I need to do a bibliography for my writing portfolio as well! Double urgh. I guess I’ll quote Anne Rice and Virginia Andrews and Brian Lumley (or whoever it was who wrote Necroscope) and Dan Brown.. I mean, those are the ones I’ve just recently read so.. *shrugs* Still annoying though..

Erm.. woke up late (for once) and no crying! So yay! o/ Didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast so I had to go over to the Co-op. Maybe I should start keeping track of how much I spend on food a week.. I don’t like this not knowing business.

Oh.. just had a thought. Maybe I could write a renge for my portfolio that’s vampire themed. So that way I’d be using Anne Rice as an inspiration. ^-^

Last night was fun. Just hung out in the lounge area of our kitchen/dining room with Lewis & Scott until a huge bunch of them left to go dancing at Freeload.. I’m guessing it was at the Union. Anyway, I don’t like the kind of music they play over there so I didn’t go. Instead I talked to Oliver for 20 minutes on the phone. ^_^ Much nicer way to spend the evening in my opinion. And I got to choose the music. Finally had control of the stereo (since I was the only one in the kitchen) and I got to listen to my CDs.. so happy. :)

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