My first whole school day!

Okay. First Monday is done. Had a two hour Writer’s Art seminar. The teacher for that was about 20 mins late. Sort of a weird guy. But hey, he’s an American. We have to write three haiku poems for him by Friday midnight. Yech. I hate writing poetry. But I’ll deal. I’ve written haiku and tanka stuff earlier so I should be able to churn out something. As part of our class, we had to go outside and just observe things. No talking allowed. Loads of students who were passing us by gave us strange looks. We just ignored them. It was actually sort of like spying. I saw two men in suits talking and one of them almost tripped. Loads of students on cell phones. Groups of 2 & 3 going by.

Then, French writing for two hours! Yay. -_- Since it’s Basic French, I’m the most advanced one over there. Which is totally what I expected. It’s just soooooo boring in that class. Like today, we spent most of the time reviewing and teaching some of the students the verbs avoir and etre. On the plus side, the teacher is gorgeous. And his accent.. both in French and English.. Well, eye-candy is always good. And he isn’t this stuffy lecturer that I thought that we might get. ^-^

The English lecture.. well, not bad. Pretty obvious stuff. But I did learn that I have to get a module booklet thingy tomorrow. Costs just £1. Not too pricey. Of course, I’d prefer it if it were free, but I understand that they need money to pay for the paper.

During the weekend, something really funny happened. It’s 1 a.m. or so and Meilyr’s hungry so he’s having a pizza in the kitchen. This guy with a vodka bottle taped to his right hand staggers in and starts talking about how he’s looking for another party since the one he was at ended and everyone was crying. Then he starts going on about bin bags and how he doesn’t have any. So when this guy sticks his head inside our fridge, Meilyr pulls him away from there, shoves a bin bag into his hand and basically throws him out the flat. And from then on, we’ve begun to keep out flat door locked. Not wedged open like before, but locked. No one can get into our fridge during the night while we sleep. ^-^

Then yesterday, when we were preparing our roast dinner (only £1,30 per person!) we found out that the baking tray we had put the chicken on was too big. We had no other baking trays so we took the handle off of one of my frying pans and stuck that in the oven. So now we sort of have a baking tray.. o_O Well, at least I won’t have to go out and buy one. Just use my “frying pan”. Didn’t really use that frying pan anyway. Too big.

Well.. I think that’s it for now.

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