Waiting for mail

Still no mail. Weird. I really want my bank card! And no e-mails either. Except from teachers, which is kinda unsettling. Friends don’t send me e-mails, but teachers do.. o_O;; Then again, I do talk to them on MSN Msgr so I can’t really complain. Except when they’re not there.. like now.

Yesterday.. didn’t do much. Went into town, bought a sweater (B.wise is a really cheap store!), sat by the seaside and wrote haikus (gonna put them up here later tonight probably), came back, had lunch outside and then wrote a letter to Jaz & Jade. That’s basically it. No classes.. Today I’ve only got one seminar which doesn’t start until 4 p.m. So I gotta figure out how to while away the hours before it’s time to go there.. It’s at times like these when I really wish that I had my own computer. Then I wouldn’t be so bored. I’ve already started the tasks on Dr. Faustus which don’t need to be done until like next week! I think today’s when they actually tell us when the tasks are due. I’m just a bit nervous about the essays that we have to write. Well, at least we don’t have any exams. ^-^ French listening is most likely being moved to Tuesday morning. So that means I could (in theory) make it to the 1:30 train. o/ I timed myself yesterday; I left the Porter’s Lodge at about 11:05 and I was on the platform next to the train at 11:24. I didn’t run, but I did walk a bit faster than I usually do. So especially if I run down the hill (could be dangerous), I’ll have a pretty good chance of making it. Which means (that if the train isn’t delayed and I make it to the connecting train at Birmigham) I should be in Sheffield at about 6 p.m. Not bad.. I wasn’t expecting to get there until like midnight if I’d’ve had to take the 5:15 train. So that’s like 3 hrs off the train journey. ^-^

I’m probably now gonna go back to looking up recipied on LHJ. Got loads of different pancake ones yesterday.

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