Go me, I’ve finished off my essay. Just printed it. ^-^ So nothing to worry about on Monday. Except forgetting to post it in the box meant for essays.. :-S That wouldn’t be good. But I will remember to do it. I will I will I will. And I’ve already started writing stuff for my portfolio. Got the whole plot planned out. Well not all of it, but enough for me to actually start writing something.

So now that that’s out of the way, party! Yup, tonight I’m actually gonna go out to a party. It’s sort of a Halloween themed thing. Don’t really have a costume though. Probably just wearing my bikini top underneath my beach-y print dress and say that I’m going to the beach. And wear my shell jewelry. ^-^ Now the question is what do I take with me where I’ve got my keys and phone? The bag I have seems a bit silly but it’s the only one I’ve got..

Erm.. today I didn’t do much. Went into town, wandered around. Sat by the sea for about an hour just looking at it and breathing in the salty air. Found the local library and I borrowed a book from there. Called “The Story of America”. Sort of like a history book except it’s divided it into 26 short “stories” about what happened. I did look for the text book that Niamh’s got, contains a lot of stuff by American writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Looked really interesting. Of course when I said that to Niamh she looked at me like I had grown another head. So anyway, didn’t see it in Ottakar’s.. Stopped by at WHSmith’s. Found the cutest little baby book. For some reason I really want to fill in baby books. I’ve got one at home where I’ve already filled out all the stuff I can about me, so I can later give it to my son/daughter. The father’s side of the book is still blank. Which I think will stay blank for another 10 yrs..

No drying rack to be found in Aber. Went to Woolworth’s, B-Wise, Peacocks (they had the loveliest shade of chocolate brown for sheets, duvets and pillows!). I was really tempted to buy some, but the didn’t have the duvet cover for a single in it so.. *shrugs* I really should get another towel though.

Watched “La vita e bella” yesterday. I went to language labs and just chose a movie from their list. Didn’t have any subtitles.. so all in Italian. But I still got the gist of it. So sad.. and the guy who kept calling the woman “principessa” was so brave. Funny too. So next week, maybe like Tuesday or something I’ll go and watch another movie. This time in French. And again, without subtitles. Although this I’ll be choosing not to have any. XP

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