Grr.. the library isn’t open until 10 on Fridays. Annoying. So’s the fact that the books I wanted to consult were all on loan. *rolls eyes* Ah well, I’ll just have to stick to e-journals and e-books then.

My dad’s coming over tonight! o/ Should be here in about 3 hrs or so. We’re going out to eat if there’s still a place open at that time. If nothing else, then we’re going to McDonald’s.

I have finally gotten my Internet connection set up and access to my M drive. Boy was that a bugger to do. At least the ppl at the helpdesk are very nice and gave me a way to go around the problem since they don’t know what the problem is either. Some users just can’t do it the FAQ way. *shrugs*

Essay’s due on Monday. So far I’ve got 750 words. Need at least 50 more. Don’t wanna go under the already lowered limit. At least I can get my dad to look over my essay and tell me what I need to change etc. I got my Dr. Faustus essay back yesterday. 62/100. They expect us to be at the 50-55 pt level for our first essay. So yay me! o/ There were three in my group who got 70/100. I just need change my structure a bit. The good things were that I have a good grasp of language, I communicate efficiently and I make intelligent observations. I just didn’t always answer the question in all the points I made. ^-^;; So for this Pope essay I’m aiming to get 65.

I’ve found Sudoku online! *grin* Go here if you fell like playing.

It’s so weird. Today I talked to one guy I met online ages ago, and he’s got a cousin here in Aber! Small world…

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