*blink blink*

I am so tired.. I didn’t get up until 11 am, but still. Spent the whole day out walking around Aber with my dad. We went shopping! o/ So now I’ve got new chocolate colored sheets, two pairs of gloves, a scarf, a zip up sweater, a purple shirt and a purple thingie. Dunno what it’s called, so from now on it’ll be thingie. And I’ve got a new Aberystwyth University sweater. :)

It’s so cold outside. Below freezing.. :-S Good thing they bought me the coat that they did. So warm with it on. It’s a nice dark pink with a sort of Welsh flag on the back..

I sent in a draft of my essay to my tutor and she said that otherwise it’s really good, but I need to use more examples of how Pope uses the mock-epic and need to refer more to Canto V. So I’ll do that tomorrow. Right now I’m way too tired. Which is why I’m going to sleep now..

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