Got my results

..from my essay and portfolio that is. I know my tutor said that it was my best work so far which made me think Okay, so that’ll give me a grade of like 63-65…. But.. I got a 69! A 69! That’s almost a 1st. :-D Then I got my portfolio back yesterday and today my teacher e-mailed me the coversheet which had my grade on it.. 68! I am doing so well! *grin*

Had my first Aspects of Genre lecture today. It still sounds like a boring module, but the lecturer told us the funniest story (that still had to do with the module). So the topic is genres and how they affect the reader’s expectations. Now, in the story, this woman is alone in a hotel and wants something to read. So she goes over to the local library/book store/something and heads to the crime section. Somehow, Shakespeare’s Macbeth had wound up in there and she takes it back to her room with her. The next morning at breakfast, she proudly announces: “I’ve solved the Macbeth murder!” A man nearby asks her her reasoning (since we don’t really view Macbeth as a murder mystery) and she explains that an innocent person doesn’t act the way MacDuff (? not sure who, since I haven’t actually read it) does when he finds Duncan’s body in that room. So therefore MacDuff was the one who killed Duncan. The man thinks: “Okay, well that’s a bit too easy of an explanation.” He reads the play that night and the following morning he tells the woman that he has solved the identity of the murderer. There’s a scene where Lady MacBeth says that she would’ve killed Duncan herself except he looked too much like her father when he slept. The man’s explanation is that it was Lady MacBeth’s father who killed Duncan because the man the lady saw really was her father! The Old Mr. MacBeth (that’s how the lecturer said it :P) had killed Duncan, heard someone in the hall, stuffed the body underneath the bed and climbed into the bed himself. So the man Lady MacBeth saw really was her father and that’s why she didn’t kill him.

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