The unproductive me

I’m feeling so.. unproductive right now. I’ve been writing my essay, the one that’s not due until the 27th, and so far I’ve got a bit over 800 words of it. Normally, I’d consider that as progress. But for some reason I’m not getting that feeling. And I think I know why: I’ve spent about 6 hrs playing Sims 2 University today. XD Y’see, Oliver bought it for me on Friday and I’ve been dying to play it ever since. So that’s what I did today. Played Sims 2. It’s just really really addictive. I kept thinking “Okay, just one more day. I need to get them happy again, etc”. And that’s where the time went. Then again, this was after the frantic last minute cleaning spree I had this morning for the inspection.. my way of relaxing. Relaxing isn’t supposed to make you feel guilty though…

Anywayz, Shaun’s grandfather’s funeral was on Friday. Since I was invited to it, I skipped Friday’s career’s lecture. I mean, seriously. I’m still in my first year, I have no clue what I want to do later on in life. I’ve got two years to think about it. Oliver didn’t know what he wanted to do when he graduated and now he’s got this really good job he likes (today was his second day, doesn’t sound like they get much done over there XP). So I should be fine. And I’m skipping this Friday’s lecture as well. Russel’s having a birthday party in Leicester that evening and the only way I’d make it on time would be to skip the lecture.

I think Oliver’s mom is getting a suspicious of how serious we are about each other. Oliver was talking to his mom a few days ago and he happened to mention that I wanted a puppy, a kitten and a baby. She was like: “A baby?!” He did point out to her that I didn’t want them right now, later on, like after I’ve graduated and we’d moved in and stuff. Then while I was over there, he asked his parents would it be possible to get someone from another country to marry you in a church over in England. Like would it be legal and stuff. The reason for asking this was because while we were watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, I mentioned that I’d like to say my vows in Finnish when I get married (I got the idea from the book “Fishboys of Vernazza” by John Sam Jones). So that got us thinking about would it be legal and how one could find out about such things.. We’re not actually planning a wedding just yet. We’re gonna wait until after I graduate to even consider it. :P Plus, we want to live together first. :)