Minor gripes

Well, I’m finally home. Got back about an hour ago. x_x I would’ve been back earlier, but Jaz said that Apocalyptica would be giving a free concert in Grand Place so we went there instead of going home straight away. The two songs we did get to hear were great. The things that made our time less enjoyable were the opening band (sucked), all the Finnish people there and this one kid that happened to be right in front of us. He just out-right annoyed me. Kept hopping up and down, whining at his mother to pick him up (he was a pretty chubby eight year old) and not staying still. AT ALL. Aaaargh. Why would you bring kids to a metal/rock concert thingy? I mean, I was standing pretty far away from the stage and I thought it was really loud. I saw parents who were closer to the stage holding up one year olds! Nuts.. just nuts. *shakes head*

The trip from Sheffield to Waterloo wasn’t that eventful. Ridiculously warm though. Even warmer over here! Anyway, at Waterloo station, I ran into this pretty big group of Asians (Indian/Pakistani/that region anyway). Boy were they loud! It didn’t help that their leader was this really old white man who was even louder than they were. So glad I didn’t have to sit in the same coach as them. But once we were in Brussels, they managed to block up the platform with their luggage making it near impossible for anyone to pass them. >_<

And I’m going to bed. Zonked out. XD