Protected: *sigh*

Well, you all know that my favorite uncle got married in late February to a woman who was like 20 years younger than he was. I’ve met her once; thought she was really nice. The age difference was a bit big in my opinion, but I didn’t really care. So fast forward to tonight. My dad calls my mom and tells her that my uncle has just told them (them being my grandparents, other uncle and dad) that they’re getting divorced. After being married for only FOUR months! Apparently, my uncle realized on the day of their wedding that they have nothing in common. Yet he still went along with it. *shakes head* And just imagine what this is doing to my grandparents. My other uncle is unemployed and basically a hopeless case. My parents are divorced. My dad went to prison for a year. This uncle is now getting divorced for a second time. Not easy at all.. *sigh*