*singing* I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Well, on a boat actually. The taxi’ll be here in about 20 mins. At least I’ve packed. Unlike someone I know… They’re driving me nuts. >_< My mom was asking about what to put into a suitcase and what stays behind, my dad was trying to talk about ghost writers to me, Inga was trying to talk to my dad, Jade came in asking about ghosts… Urgh. I escaped into the kitchen to eat something before we go. But of course, they all followed me. Fun fun.

Jaz and I washed the car today. It’s actually quite fun. We tried to move it, but for some strange reason we couldn’t release the handbreak. So in the end, we wound up getting our mom to move the car for us, after releasing the handbreak. We wanted to drive! *sniffle*

Er, what else.. what else.. Ah yes, I’ve begun knitting some Manresa legwarmers. About halfway through the first one. Pretty changing pink background with the picture bit done in black. I’ll post pictures once they’re done. ^-^

I should probably go before they start yelling at me for being on the computer when I should be helping them with something. XD

Oh! One more thing. I got a new pretty red phone yesterday. o/