Family tree stuff

I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated, but I’ve had so much fun working on my family tree. I bought this bit of software while I was in England for £5 and then for my birthday I got another bit of software. I like both, but I think I prefer the one I got as a present.

Anywayz, I’ve heard some really interesting stories from my grandparents about my great-great-aunts and uncles. Like one of my Martta-aunts (there’re two) died of heartache when her lover was ambushed and killed by the Reds during the Civil War. I’ve got it all written down, well, notes mostly, but I still remember the story. Then tonight, my grandma found stuff she had begun writing and she promised to give me all of the books and research that’s she’s done so far.

What I really want are pictures. I’ve been taking pictures of the photos they’ve got up on their walls, but they need to be properly scanned into a computer if they’re to look right. On the bright side, I get to meet my great-aunt Sirkka who has also done a load of research and I get all of that too! o/ Go me for being the only one interested in our family tree from my generation. It’s all mine! ^_^