Hard to believe it’s already November

It is soooooooooooooo cold over here. The weekend was fine. Around +15C. Then Monday morning I wake up to snow on the rooftops. Been freezing ever since. *rolls eyes* But I like it. Even if I do have a slight cough left over from Saturday’s really weird illness I had. Oliver almost scared me into thinking that I had meningitis. But after sleeping for like 11 hours, I felt fine. Now I’m just a bit stuffy.

Went to a haunted house last night with Alysha and Michelle. Boy was that creepy. Alysha screamed so much when the chainsaw man appeared. XD But because she was wearing cardboard boxes, she couldn’t run that well. We all got dressed up and everything. I went as a pregnant gypsy, Alysha was a box of M&M’s and Michelle was a hippie. What a fun bunch, eh? Anywayz, I’ve got pics and I’ll put some up eventually if anyone’s interested. If not, then I just won’t bother. So tell me!

We rearranged our room today. Nice and clean now too. And loads more space now that Michelle’s desk is underneath her bed.

And since it is past midnight, I’m going to bed. Need my energy for tomorrow’s play rehearsals. We’re putting on Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Don’t know my role yet, but I’ll let y’all know once I know.