Road trip!

Well, today was election day over here, but since I ain’t no US citizen, I can’t vote. (Oh dear Lord I need to get rid of the fake Southern accent I’m using. It just sounds so bad. *cringe*) Anyway, because it is Election Day, nothing over here was open. At least not on campus. All classes were cancelled. So yesterday afternoon, we all just decided on a whim to go over to Alysha’s in Thompson Falls. That’s like a two hour drive from Missoula. But we had fun. Michelle and I met Corey’s grandfather, who was interesting, to say the least. He’s the one who gave us two shots of tequila each. It was my first time trying it and even though it wasn’t bad, I still prefer whiskey. Alysha thought it’d be fun to videotape us taking the first shots, so we’ve got that on my camera. XD Apparently, the two shots really affected Michelle but it didn’t really do anything to me. They thought it was hilarious that after two shots of tequila, I decide to start working on Shakespeare and actually come up with good stuff for my essay (yay, it’s finally done!).

Eleven days to go! o/ ^_^