Three good things that are making me giddy, in ascending importance: 1) Sci-fi class was cancelled 2) Justin (the really cute guy) talked to me 3) Oliver’ll be here tomorrow!!!!

So yay! Oliver’ll get in tomorrow evening at 11 pm. I cannot stop grinning. I get to see and be with my sweetie tomorrow night! *squeeeeeeeeeeee* Two whole weeks of being together. I can’t wait! Seriously, it’s been so long and he’s finally coming over and… lol, well, yesterday Katie told me to stop being so giddy because it was making her giddy. These emotions just rub off really easily among us girls. XD

Then yesterday when I was in the library working on our Rushdie thing with Katie I ran into Justin and we chatted for awhile. Today, before class started, he’s the one who started the conversation. ;) He is just so cute. He has to be the best looking guy in that class. Plus, he looks me in the eye when we’re talking. I’m not used to having people return my gaze when I talk to them. I have no idea why, but people don’t usually look others in the eye for long, but he does! Sort of hypnotizing actually. He’s got the best smile too. Would you look at that. This is what the US has done to me. I’ve started using superlatives to describe things. Take that statement about the smile for instance. All I meant with that was that he has a nice smile, noooo, I say that it’s “the best”. *rolls eyes* Even Jaz says that I’ve become a ditzy American.

And then the final, minor thing. My last class was cancelled. The class which bores me to death anyway, so it’s a win-win situation. ^_^