Le sigh

Well, Oliver left yesterday morning. Not really a fun way to start December. But I will get to see him in about four weeks. Now only if I had a ticket to get out of Missoula… XD To make myself feel a bit better last night, I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary. It really did lift my mood. Colin Firth is just so happiness inducing. What I’d really like would be the Pride and Prejudice movie that he stars in. At least I’ve got the Keira Knightley version of it for my PSP. Something to keep me occupied during my layovers. :)

Still need to work on my grandfather’s Christmas present, but everyone else’s is pretty much finished. Well, I have to wrap them up, but otherwise they’re ready. Oh God, how am I going to fit everything into my suitcases? O_O

Well, I gotta get back to writing up study notes and working on my paper for Applied Literary Criticism. Due on Friday! Plus, I still need to memorize my meager lines for the play we’re performing on Monday and Tuesday. Augh, so much to do!