Christmas Eve Eve

*yawn* I am so tired. Should go to bed, but I just don’t feel like it just yet.

Well, I’ve finished wrapping up everyone’s presents. Did a little tidying up, otherwise I’ll get yelled at tomorrow. Why does Mom make Christmas into such a stressfest for herself? Okay, so the house isn’t spotless. Who cares? As long as there isn’t any dirt on the floor and things are sort of neat, it should be good enough. But yay, presents tomorrow! o/ I really want to give my mom her present. And if she doesn’t like it (which I doubt), well I’ll just take it. It was hard enough parting with it as it is. XD

Get to see Oliver on Wednesday. :) I was on the phone with him tonight (surprise surprise) and I was just checking at what time he can call me tomorrow from my parents and he understood what I said. ^_^ Well, just one word, the crucial one, but enough to get it anyway. Didn’t tell that to my parents though. XD

Uhm, what else? Been using the treadmill daily. Love that thing. So glad that I can finally have proper no added sugar, no added salt muesli for breakfast again. Seriously, that stuff that I’ve found from Missoula so far is ridiculously sweet. It’s just nasty. So now that I am home, I’m eating the “bird food” (as Oliver calls it) every morning. Well, except maybe Christmas Day when we have the traditional rice porridge. :)

And it’s off to bed with me now. I’ll still stay up reading most likely though. Need to finish off my current book so that I can start on the next ones that are waiting for me. Y’see, Oliver’s gotten me tons of books that I really want to read. Squee!!