Knitting ramblings

Well, I am so disappointed. I just found out that the Woolfest UK is taking place this year during the time that I won’t be in the UK. Damn. Damn damn damn! And there is no way that I can make it because my sister is graduating on June 20th (or maybe it was a bit later than that…) and her birthday is very soon in July after that. So there would be no point in me nipping over to Cumbria during that time. Urgh.

Right now, I’m making this in grey. I’m in the process of stash busting. Which means that I can then go and buy more yarn.

Speaking of buying yarn, Oliver got me some! *grin* Isn’t he the greatest? Supporting my habit. ^_^

Oh, I chatted with Cassie today and she’s interested in learning to knit. So I’ll be teaching her this Tuesday evening. Very slowly, but surely!, I’m converting the people around me into knitters. :D First Michelle, then Alysha, and now Cassie.