Small town life

It was the weirdest thing. I was walking down Marine Terrace, going over my shopping list in my head and I see a guy with longish strawberry blonde hair coming towards me. We both do a double take before saying “Hi!” It was Tucker from UM! It was kind of surreal realizing that I know this person who I just happened to take a class with last autumn in the States and now he’s just someone I can run into at the oddest times.

And then when I was coming back from Somerfield’s, I walked past Scott, the guy who sorta lived with us in Rosser because he was friends with all the guys and therefore spent a lot of time over at our flat. He didn’t notice me though. And I didn’t realize that it was him until after we had passed each other.

I’m just glad that I’ve gotten back into the habit of making an effort in my appearance (as in actually brushing my hair and putting on make-up) before I go out. I wonder who else I’ll run into this year.

Oh and yesterday, a pigeon flew into the kitchen and scared the crap out of me. It just sat/stood on the kitchen table before it flew out the window again. Next, we’ll probably have a flock of seagulls picking through our trash can.

I think there might be someone in Freddy’s old room now. I heard voices as I was going past.