In which we are again ten

I was just reading Miss Violet’s (of the hilarious Lime&Violet podacast) old LJ entries and came upon this question:

If you could meet yourself at aged ten, what would the ten year old you think of who you are today?

She’d be surprised that I’m so into knitting (especially since I wasn’t too keen on it when I had to do it at school). Actually, the 10 y/o me would probably think that I was nuts when she found out about my stash. ^_^;; She’d be pretty impressed that I *can* actually speak French (even if it isn’t the greatest in the world) and glad that I’d had the chance to live in the States for a year. She’d also probably be comforted to know that eventually I did get a boyfriend who’s really great. She’d most likely offer me ice cream to make me feel better. Think that it’s no wonder that I moved to the UK since I like tea so much. And wonder why I *still* don’t have my driver’s license. Be amazed that I actually like dogs now and would prefer to get a puppy as a pet instead of a kitten.

She’d probably think a whole lot more things about me, but all in all, be pretty happy with what I’ve become in the following 12 years.

And now I’m going back to knitting Jaz’s Baudelaire socks and watching Buffy.