My tutor is trying to kill me

Okay, so the earliest class I have so far is at 11:10 a.m. Now, that may not sound so bad, but I need to leave an hour before class starts, otherwise I’m all icky and sweating when I get to class. And I need to be up two hours before that to make breakfast and pack a lunch since I’m not coming back to my room in between class and dance practice. So that means I have to get up at 8. Not so easy when you consider that I keep staying up until at least midnight just working on creative stuff (like Christmas presents!). So I’ve been up since 8. I made breakfast (that was a fiasco in itself, I kept spilling stuff everywhere and it just wasn’t pretty) and when it finally was done, I decided to check my e-mails. I got one from my Writing Project tutor. She just gave a basic outline of what we need to bring to our next session which she wants to have next Wednesday at 9 a.m.! Meaning that I need to get up at six a.m. *weeps* Oh, and I know that she means well by wanting us to be structured in our writing and that it’s supposed to help us but I just don’t write like that. I go where the story takes me. I don’t write it all up and do literary research in advance. It’s more like: “Oh hey, this guy seems to want to talk about trains. Guess I should look up some stuff,” instead of deciding before I even start writing “This guy is a train addict.” Plus, I’ve already got a story I want to work on that I’ve already written. I don’t see a point in me starting a new story because that’s something I know how to do (you should see the amount of drafts and just one page scenes I’ve accumulated); I’d rather work hard at revising what I already have to make it as close to being published as possible. Well, I’m meeting her later today so I’ll discuss it with her then.

I’ll write about yesterday later. Now I have to go make lunch.