Two types of cuteness

Type one: Okay, so a recap of Tuesday: OMG my teacher is so hot! I mean, seriously. I am so lucky to see him once a week for two hours at a time. *grin* He just seems to exude this confidence, an intellectual sexiness. He seems to be the type of person who’d know how good wines. It’s some sort of finesse that he’s got. Plus, he’s young-ish. As in I doubt that he’s much over thirty, if that. Unless he’s got really good genes like Steve who just doesn’t seem to age (I swear, he looks pretty exactly the same now that he’s 39/40 [can’t remember which] as he did when he was 20). Okay, so my teacher’s kinda got this camp thing going on, so I’m not too sure if he’s gay or not, but that does *not* detract from his attractiveness. And my flatmate Hannah agrees with me! So it’s not just me with weird taste. If someone else thinks that he’s gorgeous as well, then he must be. ;)

Then last night there was the fire talk. Afterwards, Gabe and I first came to my flat so that I could eat dinner. There was a bouquet of red roses on the counter (in a Dolmio pasta sauce jar, just so you know that we’re still students XD). I said something about never getting roses and Gabe just offhandedly said: “Well, I’ll buy you some. When I’ve got money that is. Or just one, ‘cause they’re expensive.” *grin* Then afterwards, we went over to his flat because he felt that it was his turn to make tea (he’s been pretty much drinking a lot mine :P). So we just hung out in his room chatting and drinking tea. Then at some point I said that I don’t like poetry and he was just gobsmacked. “You don’t like poetry?!” “No, not really.” He took a book off his shelf and read me a poem from there. When I still wasn’t too impressed, he kept on finding more online and read them to me. This must’ve gone on for at least half an hour. He did eventually find a poem that I did kinda like (The Lady of Shalott), but I have to say, I’m still not a fan. (this here was cuteness type two) But it was nice to be read to. I think that’s why I like audiobooks so much. Someone else is telling me a story instead of me reading it. ^-^ Yesterday we also tried out a new way of getting to each other’s flats without having to go outside and crossing “the quad” (as Gabe dubbed it). It was actually pretty cool. No need for shoes anymore!

Yesterday was my first dance lesson. I had loads of fun. And, there were tons of guys there! Which I was surprised about. I don’t know if they’re all going to stay (I kinda doubt it) but at least yesterday there were almost equal numbers. I did the Chacha and Waltz with a guy named Alan, then Jive, Quickstep and Rock’N’Roll with Monika (a girl from Spain). I know that neither of them are coming today because they’ve got classes, so we’ll just have to see who I get to dance with today. ^_~

Since it is so nice outside right now, I think I’ll go sit on the beach and do my homework there. :)