Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post

Oh and last night, someone would just not lay off the intercom buzzer thing! It took me forever to realize that that sound wasn’t actually a part of my dream, then it took awhile for it to click in my head what the sound actually was (because it sure wasn’t the fire alarm and I know what that sounds like) and then stumble out of bed and as soon as I get to the intercom, it stops. I didn’t even have the chance to pick it up and ask really irritably who it was (because I’m still nice to total strangers [because the voices at the other end always equal “total stranger” in my head before I know who it is] even if they drag my carcass out of bed), before it stopped. Haven’t seen anyone in my flat today so I haven’t been able to ask them if they heard it too or *gasp* if they were the ones I hadn’t let in at quarter past three in the morning.

Going back to making Krisi’s present and watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice now.