I (heart) dancing. Especially when it’s with a guy who knows what they’re doing! Or even sort of close to knowing what’s supposed to be done. Today, at dance practice, I danced with four guys: Luke, Pete, Martin and Jan. In that order. Each time getting better than the last. From the beginning then. Luke is a beginner. We did waltzed together. He kinda forgot steps, but that’s okay seeing as this was his second lesson ever. (He kinda looks like Ron Weasley. As in the way I imagined Ron Weasly to look like before I say any of the movies.) Then it was time for Quickstep. That I started out dancing with Pete. It went okay. I don’t think that he was taking it too seriously though. He feels more like a “fun” person than someone who actually wants to practice dancing. Soon though, he had to go do some team stuff, so he passed me onto Martin, another guy from the “team”. Quickstepping with Martin was a whole lot more fun than with Pete. I think it’s because Martin actually did seem to want to practice and neither one of us was too clear about doing the turning so we kinda learned how to do that together. Plus, he was fun to talk to while we danced. Then came Jan. Wonderful dancing Jan. He’s from Holland and has been dancing for five years. An excellent leader I must say. He had me doing twirly things and stuff. Made me actually feel like I could dance. We only had time to do the cha-cha (or is it chacha?) before we (as in the whole dance group) were kicked out of the room because the stupid Sports Cage had double-booked the room and hadn’t told us about it. Grr.

The dance social was tonight at the Cambrian. Had a raffle, played pass the parcel (won candy and a condom XP) and there was a quiz. My team won the quiz by a point. We got 20/30. And all I could really contribute to it was my knowledge of what’s in a screwdriver (the drink, not the actual tool) and what the breastbone is called. Oh and who drew the “Peanuts” comic. All three of us got a stuffed toy; mine was a cow while Tom got a turtle and Dani got an electric blue monkey which she immediately dubbed “Bananas”. Then at 10:30 the party headed to the Pier for Peer Pressure. It didn’t really sound like my kind of fun, so I came back. Have had a nice cup of tea and chatted with Becky on MSN. And I’m getting kinda sleepy now, so I’ll end this here.

Oh, and today the weather was awesome. Sat on the beach doing homework for an hour, enjoying the sun. I love being so close to the sea. :)