Apparently I’m predictable

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous. The sun was out, it was warm, but there was a slight breeze to keep things cool enough. :) In the morning, I went to the Farmer’s Market kinda hoping to find some roving like I did in Montana, but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t find any. And I didn’t. I had also given myself a £5 spending limit and since I didn’t see anything at the market that I wanted, I went to Clare’s and bought one skein of Classic Yarns Cashsoft DK (57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere) in a light grey for £2.50 (it was discounted because it was the last of the dyelot). Really pretty. And soft. And I have no idea what to make out of it. I’ve got about 130m/142yds of this and that’s not enough for a scarf. I don’t want to make a hat out of it. Or fingerless mitts. *sigh* Other news on the knitting front: I have finally gotten an idea of what to make for Christmas for Krisi. Not saying what, just in case she reads this, but I like it because it’ll be something practical and I get to do some stash busting. ^_^

Then two hours later, I’m hiking up Pen Dinas with Gabe. He’d messaged me through MSN an hour earlier and asked if I wanted to go. We had lunch up there (swapping halves of our sandwiches; I had PB&J on wholegrain while he had some beef&cheese on white). I’ve got a panoramic picture of the view from the top, but I haven’t uploaded it yet. Oliver called while I was up there. I told him to guess where I was and he immediately said: “Top of a hill.” Apparently, I’m somewhat predictable. Is that good or bad though?

At five, we left for the movies. At this point, let me just say that I think Gabe is out to get me. He saw what it was like for me climbing up Pen Dinas (and boy am I glad that last year I decided to climb up to the M several times during the year, otherwise Pen Dinas would really have kicked my butt) and he wants to get up to campus going through the Penglais forest! At first it seems fine, but it’s a really steep climb and I’m not in the best shape, okay? Then we finally get back onto the road that I wanted to use in the first place and we’ve just spent about ten minutes in the woods just to get to a spot that would’ve taken us two minutes to walk to. Grr. We did make it to the movie in time though. I was melting into a puddle of sweat at that point (something I wanted to avoid which is why I wanted to leave -early-), but at least we didn’t miss the beginning. We went to see “Atonement”. I though it was pretty good. I liked the ending. Now I want to read the book to see how it was written.

Martin is a genius. He knows how to make the shower warmer! Last night, I turned on the water to make it warm up before I get in and it was boiling hot. And I couldn’t get cold water. So I knocked on Martin’s door and asked if he knew anything about showers. And he fixed it! I mean, he’s the one who “broke” the shower in the first place, but it’s really nice to be able to take warm/hot showers again. Before, the water only got to like warm/lukewarm which wasn’t that much fun actually. But now, hot water! *grin*