Travelling woes, but knitting brightens up everything!

Back in Aber again. Just seeing the sea made me happy. ^_^ Anyway, I got the 10:53 train which was late, but never mind since I had like forty minutes to change at Birmingham New Street, right? Wrong. I get to Birmingham, don’t see the Aber train on the board yet (too early) so I go ask what platform it’s going to go from. I get told that it’s cancelled and that if I want to make it to that specific Aber train, I need to hotfoot it to the Wolverhampton train that was going to leave in like three minutes and make the connection from there. Dragging a ridiculously heavy suitcase from one end of the station to the other and down the steps is not fun. Trust me. Don’t try it. Oh and from Sheffield to Birmingham? Had to stand the whole way because apparently, some people decided that the luggage racks only hold two or three at a time, took over the empty space where wheelchairs and stuff go with their suitcases, leaving no space whatsoever for the other people who are unfortunate enough to be travelling with more than just a small bag. So I stood right next to the door with my suitcase and read three chapters of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

From Wolverhampton onwards though I was fine. I worked a little bit on my Writing Project (wrote maybe a page or so, nothing major) and the rest of the time I spent listening to L&V and knitting a shawl. I’m trying to use up all of my left over sock yarn, so it’s going to be colorful and quite possibly very ugly. But I don’t care. I like the colors I’m using; started out with the leftover LimeNViolet Sock! Merino by Lisa Souza and once that’s all gone, I’ll go for the Violet’s Pink Ribbon Sock! Merino that I’ve got. And then the Gingerpeach, also Sock! Merino. So at least most of it will be the same yarn, just in different colors. The pattern is called the Diamond Knit Shawl which I got from (of all places!). I would’ve picked out a lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today, but I didn’t have my book with me and I really really really felt like I needed to knit yesterday so I went with what I had access to. Plus, I don’t think that a lace pattern would show up that well with all of the colors that I’m using. Pics will be up eventually on Ravelry as usual. Or if anyone really wants to see my knitted goodies and doesn’t have Ravelry, then just leave a comment or e-mail me and I’ll send them to ya. ^_^

Quite hungry now. It’s been about seven hours since I had breakfast, so I think I’ll go make dinner. Eugh, and a shower after I’ve eaten. Travelling makes me smelly. *wrinkles nose*