I’m cold. My eyes water. I keep getting chills. My nose is kinda runny. Fun stuff. Especially since I’m supposed to travel for about nine hours tomorrow. Augh, my head in pounding. And earlier I was nauseous. Why did I have to get sick just before my vacation? I mean, seriously.

I’m all packed (with the exception of my laptop and lunch, since I won’t make that until tomorrow anyway). Cleaned up my room a bit too. My suitcase is ridiculously heavy. I blame the Christmas presents I’ve got stashed in there. And the DVDs I need to return to Jaz. Oh, I might get to meet Oliver tomorrow while I’m in London. He went to visit his sister tonight and if they don’t have any plans, he’ll come see me at the station for a few hours before I go through the Eurostar check-in. I need help with my bags. *sniffle* Why can’t I ever travel light?

I’ve started Tempting using Caron’s Simply Soft in Autumn Red. I had the yarn in my stash so I figured why not. It’s going pretty quickly actually. Started it last night, after I had finished my Bellatrixes, and I’ve already got like five inches done. If I can keep this up, I might even *gasp* have it done before Christmas! That’d be cool.

I want to be warm. Layering is not helping. I’m currently wearing my top and pyjama bottoms, a robe, wool socks (made by moi), sweats and a fleece zip-up thing. Still getting chills. Maybe I should go to bed, sleep it off hopefully.