I fell off the wagon…but not far!

I went to meet Oliver after work today. Since I got there an hour before he got out, I went to John Lewis to see if they had any 5mm dpns. They did not. But, I saw that they had some point protectors, so I got a pair. I was about to just buy those when I saw the discount bins. Plural! OMG, I so wanted to buy the Debbie Bliss Cashmere they had. But even at being 50% off, I still couldn’t spend £5 on a teeny tiny hank. Instead, I found a skein of Cashsoft 4ply for £1 (such a steal) and three skeins of Jaeger Baby Merino for £1,60 each. They are so pretty! They had way way way more in there, but I was good and only bought those four skeins. Because really, I want to enjoy the stuff I already have. Not just give into rampant consumerism every time I go near “new” yarn. In other knitting news, I finally seamed up the remaining open seam of my Isabella. I tried it on: looks Fabulous. Good thing I decided to remove 4 sts so it’d be a bit narrower, because now it doesn’t feel so loose like the first one did. I’m also working on the sillisukat (I just really like the way that sounds, all I’m saying is Herring Socks). I’ve got the pattern memorized. Now I just have to hope that I have enough yarn. I should and I can always go buy more if I do run out (I checked today that they still have at least one of the colors that I’m working with).