I’m clean!

Back in Aber and yep, I’ve showered! It’s so nice being able to just hop in the shower and wash away all the dirt whenever I want. It is admittedly an awful shower for two reasons: the water pressure/temperature combo doesn’t work well (the hotter the water, the less pressure there is) and it’s icky icky icky because it looks like no one here has cleaned it for the month that I’ve been away. Good thing I’ve got cleaning supplies just itching to be used in my laundry corner of the room. After my first shower, I just kept repeating at random intervals: “I’m clean!” in the sort of squeeing voice that Lime & Violet get when looking at yarn. Oliver thought it was funny the first few times, but then he kinda began chalking it up to me being my weird self and stopped reacting.

So yes, Oliver came with me to Aber. ^_^ We got here on Thursday evening, since they wanted him to come in to work in the morning. We had planned on taking the 8:53 a.m. train, but with the deadlines looming… we did get here eventually. :) I’ve forgotten how uncomfortable it is sleeping in a single bed with another person. Especially in this bed, which isn’t the comfiest to begin with. I guess that could be one reason why I keep waking up earlier than usual.

I’ve lost, no, misplaced one of my needles. I put it in my suitcase and now it’s not there. :( It’s okay, I’ve got two extras, but it’s still sad. Now I’ve got three dpns, instead of four. What am I going to do with just three dpns? Well, keep knitting my shawl, obviously, but what if I had wanted to make a sweater in the round with these? When one dpn of a set of four has gone AWOL, the remaining three are kinda useless… Oh, never mind, disregard that paragraph. I found the needle in the suitcase. It was hiding from me. Probably thinks it’s funny to annoy me like that. Silly 2,25 mm dpn.

I’ve only got two hours a week of classes this semester. o_O Seriously, what?? I love being a student, but this is getting kinda ridiculous. And I don’t even have any lectures. I miss them, just sitting there and listening while others talk to me and not expect me to comment on anything. For the first class, we have to have read Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. I’ve never actually had to study it, so it’s my first time reading it. I started on Friday and now I’m already into Act 4. Should be fine for Tuesday afternoon. I’ve also been thinking that since I’ve got practically nothing to do, I might as well try to get a job. I’ve seen some vacancies being advertised in shop windows, so if they’re still there today (and they’re open obviously) I’ll go in and ask about the positions. It’d be nice to get back to earning some money.

I’ve found a new podcast to listen to: Stash & Burn. I think they were advertised on L&V at some point, but only just now have I begun listening to them. I figured I needed something new since I’ve listened to all of L&V four times now and all of Cast On twice. I did try out that Australian man’s knitting podcast, but it just didn’t grab me. Haven’t actually listened to a whole podcast yet, since I’ve been hanging out with Oliver, but I will once I’ve got that ridiculous amount of free time.

Okay, so there are these ads on the sidebar of my browser. They’re kinda funny actually. The first one is about scrapbooking and other sorts of paper crafts, the second is “10 Rules Losing Belly Fat”, then pole dancing and burlesque lessons, then “Burlesquercise DVD” and finally, “Wedding 1st Dance Lessons”. Maybe someone thinks I need to lose weight and I’d do it by dancing? XP

I don’t know if I’m competing this Sunday or not. I haven’t heard anything from Alan, my partner. And seeing as it is a Sunday, not a Saturday.. wait, it doesn’t matter since I don’t have class on Monday. Oh well. So it now depends on if Alan can make it or not. We’ll see.