Mainly knitting, with a little bit about dancing

I’d forgotten how much fun dancing is! Especially when there’s a surplus of guys instead of girls. XD So yes, today I got to practice with Alan again (and danced a bit with Tom too). I thought I’d forgotten it all, but it came back to me. Neither one of us, meaning me & Alan, can remember our Rumba or Cha routines. And those are the ones we’ve practiced! No clue what we did for Rock’n’Roll since that was kinda made up on the spot at the Manchester competition. It was literally about fifteen minutes before we had to compete that we got shown the “routine” by our team captain. Anyway, we did pretty well today. NUDC should be good. We’re not going to compete at the Keele competition which is this Sunday because Alan can’t make it. Ah well.

Alan thought my Evangelines were cool and my Branching Out scarf was “complicated.” It think it’s just the color changes that made him think that. XD

Met Derya, a fellow knitter, today for some tea before dance class. I managed to convince her to come try it out with me. She seems nice, kinda quiet, but then again this was our first meeting. We met through Ravelry and figured that since we’re both students here (she’s doing an English MA) and we knit, we should meet up. So we did. Teh internets is good.

But it’s also a sad place. I just heard that MommaMonkey passed away. She’s the one who wrote the wonderful pattern of my Bellatrix socks. I’ve got some of her other patterns waiting to be made and now I feel like making a pair in her memory. *goes to dig through stash* It’s not that I knew her, unlike some of the other knitters I’ve gotten to know through the L&V message boards or Ravelry, it’s just sad that another knitter has gone. Especially one who pretty much gave away her hard-worked patterns just because she loved the community that much.

In other (personal) knitting news, my Tempting is on the cusp of completion. The body is done, the short sleeves are attached and seamed, all of it has been bound off, I’ve tried it on (fits great!). Now I just need to knit the sleeves a bit longer, possibly all the way to my wrists, and them it’s just weaving in the very few ends that I’ve got. Oh and I’ve also got to find the perfect ribbon to go with it. None of the ones I have are any good; the one that would be okay color-wise is just too thin. So off to John Lewis I am (very Yoda, I know) next week. And if they don’t have anything, then it’s Hobbycraft. Maybe John Lewis still has yarn in the huge discount bins… Not that I need it or anything, but the completion of this sweater sorta makes me feel like there’s a void in my stash that has to be filled. Ridiculous? Maybe to some, to me not really. My stash is a part of me! But I’ll try to refrain from buying yarn anyway. XD