Mmm, strawberries

It’s such a pretty day today. Cold, but pretty. Still all sunshine and no wind (unlike on Thursday). I would be outside, if I knew that I’d be moving around, but all I want to do is sit and knit or read. Again, it’d be the perfect day to do that and eat strawberries on the beach, except that it’s too cold to stay still. So I’ve got the strawberries next to me, sort of a lunch/snack while I catch up on my blogs and knit a bit more of my SSS. :) And now I want some sock yarn in a strawberries and cream type colorway. I’m sure there’s something on The Loopy Ewe.. Still need to wait two weeks before I can buy yarn though. It’ll be a tough wait. But in the mean time, I’m working my way through the stash; slowly but surely it’s getting smaller. :)

Speaking of staying still, I haven’t! I’ve been trudging up the hill at least four times a week, mainly because I have dance class four times a week (I don’t always go to the Friday one) and then my English lit class on another day. I’ve been up to the Sports Center so often that they know me at the front desk by now. I don’t even need to show my membership card anymore. ^_^

My social life has begun to pick up as well. Derya came over yesterday for some knitting time, then Ruth and Gabe are coming over tonight to watch Narnia, tomorrow’s the pub quiz… It’s a wonder I can force myself to work on my essay (which is a third done) when there are so many more fun things to do. And that my sleep cycle was interrupted last night when someone, who was most likely drunk, set off the fire alarm again. Grr. I liked waking up at eight! Now it’s all messed up again because I didn’t wake up until 9:30. Which is pretty early compared to when I used to get up, but still… I had an odd dream again. This time it had Ian Somerhalder, aka Boone from Lost, in it and he had this ability to fly and we were trying to get away from this huge red robot thing… then there was some green gas that took away the black mold that was growing on everyone’s teeth and… it was just weird. Maybe I should stop watching Lost