The usual rambling…

I know I know, been quite for about a week now. Not much has really happened though, just the same stuff. Oliver’s birthday was on Saturday. We spent it at the Sheffield competition. Got to have lunch at Nando’s; something that never happens at other competitions because we don’t know where places are in the towns they’re held in. I bought him three DVDs for his birthday, I picked one that I knew he’d like and then I had him pick out two more. And I also got myself The Last of the Mohicans on DVD since it was only £3.

Yesterday I spent dancing. An hour in the morning, then two more in the afternoon. My feet are feeling mutinous. But that’s because my shoes I use for dancing aren’t proper dancing shoes. They slide around alot on the floor (which makes it very tricky to do the jive successfully). I think I might need to buy some gel pads or something before the next competition. Speaking of, it’s next weekend! Eep?

For some strange reason I keep waking up before eight. Like the whole of the past week, it’s been before eight. No alarm (except one morning when I had to get up early). It’s like: “Oh, I think it’s time to get up now.” So I sit up, look at my watch and see that it’s eight am. It’s really weird. Then again, I have been falling asleep before eleven as well, so that might be a reason why. I have a theory that the dream I had last night was my body’s way of telling me to wake up. It wasn’t really a nightmare by “normal” standards, as in no scary-ness, no panicking, etc. What happened? Well, in the dream I was wearing my Isabella, the tank top that took me forever to knit. I took it off and there was this huge gaping hole in the side! Like a moth or something had eaten away at it. Except that it’s made out of cotton, so it wasn’t that. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t fix it and the stitches just kept dropping and unravelling and… it was bad. So yeah, I think that’s my body’s way of telling me to get up and check on my knitting. XD

I’ve finally begun writing my &%$(* essay. I so don’t want to do it. Nothing is inspiring me, I have no opinions about the texts. Well, actually, I do have an idea about one of them, but I’m going to use that one for my second essay where we have to compare a text from the first part to a text from the second part. So now, I’m just muddling along writing about death and desire and how those two elements make Romeo & Juliet a tragedy. I know, not very original. But it was one of the questions set by the teacher, so he can’t really complain at me about it.

I sent off my MA application yesterday. Now it’s just a wait-and-see game. No idea when they’ll announce their decision. I mean, first they have to receive the transcripts and reference letters which I mailed yesterday and then they’ll probably take a month or two to decide… I also mailed my grandfather’s birthday present. Silly me forgot to take pictures before sending it so now that project is blank on Ravelry… Oh! I know what I’ll give Auri for her birthday! Not telling you all because you might blab. Plus, I think she reads this, don’t you Auri? :P

Derya, another Aber knitter, might be coming over later today. We’ve made tentative plans, but she too has an essay to write and some of her friends might be coming over to Aber today, so we’ll see. If not today, then we’ll meet up sometime next week. We were planning on knitting on the beach, but it’s gotten kinda cold again. Still really sunny, but the wind has picked up and makes it feel like it’s below freezing when it really isn’t. At least Sunday-Tuesday they’re predicting +10C and sunny skies. From Wednesday onwards it’ll be colder and more rain though…