Early mornings are sometimes quite useful…

The fire alarm woke me up at 7:30. Stupid drills they make us do. They saw all of us out there last night when it was raining! Someone obviously doesn’t know how to cook. But at least it was an actual fire that they managed to put out before the fire department got here. And how do I know all of this? The smoky smell had wafted on over to our flat and from outside I could see that the kitchen window of the neighboring flat were all steamed up. Still. People, this a Public Service Announcement: Do Not try to cook when you’re a) drunk, b) high and/or c)forgetful (or more likely Stupid) enough to leave stuff in the oven/on the stove unattended. It’s common sense.

On the brighter side of things, because I was awake at 7:30, even if it was not of my own volition, it’s not even noon yet and I’ve already done today’s quota of working on my Writing Project. Over 5,000 words now. About 500 words ago, I was thinking that there’s no way I can fluff up my story to be 6,000 words. Now I’m thinking that the remaining 1,000 won’t be enough to finish it. I just had an idea of a great twist to add to it and that’ll most likely take me over my limit (which is actually 6,600 words since we’re allowed to swing 10% either way). Ah well, I can edit it later. At least it isn’t due until mid-April.

I’ve finally begun using my blow-dryer that I got for Christmas: Awesome. Especially the little cold air button that sets the hair in place when I’m wanting a more straighter look than what it is naturally. ^_^

Well, I’ve finished Clue 5 and started Clue 6 of the SSS. I’m still wanting to buy sock yarn. Still resisting. I made a Foliage hat on Monday. Had a marathon session of Desperate Housewives and made the hat in one day. It’s so cool. I used the Rowan felted tweed yarn that I got from Anji for Christmas. Didn’t even use up one ball of it. Okay, so the pattern says worsted or bulky weight yarn, but I used sport-weight with 4mm circs following the worsted weight pattern. So lacy and so pretty. Here is a pic of the one I made. It actually kinda goes with my Branching Out scarf. I guess it’s just leaves all around. Last night I was thinking about designing my own scarf because I want to make one, but I can’t find any patterns that I like (besides the Branching Out which I’ve already made). So, I already do have an idea, now I just need to swatch a bit and figure out exactly what I’ll be doing before I knit it up.