No I haven’t disappeared… just been… away…

Okay, now that I’ve gotten back into the swing of things, i.e. having to churn out writing on a regular basis and actually using my brain for something other than deciphering knitting patterns and watching the History Channel and Grey’s Anatomy, I thought it would also be a good time to write in here for a change. So yes, I’ve been gone for about five weeks. Not from the net, just from updating. So what have I been doing that’s been so enthralling that I haven’t even bothered to yammer on about on here?

  1. I went to Blackpool for the InterVarsity Dance Competition where all of the universities go. It was pretty fun. Waltz was mine & Alan’s best dance, got to dance four rounds of that. Then came a tie between the Quickstep and Cha with three rounds. And last, as usual, came the Jive with just the first round that everyone gets to dance. For some reason lately we just freeze up when it’s time to do the Jive and well… let’s just say that it was entertaining for the audience. Seriously, we knew half way through our attempts at our routine that we weren’t going to get through. Still, even though our Jive bombed, we were still the beginner couple that did the best from our team. Yay us. ^_^

I was over at Oliver’s for three weeks after Blackpool. I watched a lot of History Channel (there was this thing about Henry VIII’s wives) and knit. I also edited my Writing Project and now it’s ready to be handed in. I just still need to re-read my commentary and then it’s all completely done. And I’ve got a week to spare too. Oliver also bought an XBox 360 while I was there so we played a lot of Star Wars Lego. I’m not that big of a gamer, but there are some games that I quite enjoy. Like pretty much all of the Mario Bros. stuff and this Lego thing. Oliver also bought me the game Lost so I’ll be playing that once I go over there again. :)

The last week of Easter vacation I went back to Belgium for a few days with a few days spent in Finland in the middle (I, ahem, enhanced my stash a bit while I was there). At home I watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. I was aiming to see all of seasons two and three while I was there, but I still have three discs left of season three. At least now I know what I’ll be doing again while I’m over there.

Oh coming back from Belgium was not my ideal journey. Firstly, there was traffic and I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it to my train on time. Then we get to the Channel Tunnel and there’s a power outage. The conductor decides to go in anyway and try to get through it slowly. We get to about the middle and discover that there’s a train in front of us that has, and I quote, failed (I just love it when foreigners come up with inventive ways of describing situations). Failed how? I don’t know. Maybe it had just failed in its attempts at achieving train-ness. :P Anyway, I get to St. Pancras three hours late and guess what? There’s a “reported emergancy” so they’re evacuating everyone. When I got to Aber I learned that there had been a suspect package, this is according to the Eurostar website anyway. But! I race all the way to Euston with my very large and heavy suitcase. I have to buy a new ticket since my old one isn’t valid anymore and then I wait for the next train to Birmingham. I picked the train that had fewer stops and crossed my fingers that I might make it in time for the 2:33 train. Nope, I get there five minutes too late. The right platform, but five minutes too late so I have to wait two hours for the next one. *rolls eyes*

And now that I’m back in Aber I’ve been doing what I pretty much have done before. I watch DVDs, climb the hill quite a bit, dance and just now I began writing my final essay of my BA career. Already have my introduction written. The hardest part was deciding what to write about. Oh and another thing that I have to write is my PhD application letter thingy. I’m still waiting to hear from my tutor about specific questions about doing a PhD here in Aber, mainly if it’s possible to do it without having to live in Aber since I want to live in Sheffield with Oliver, and then I’ll hand that in as well.

Knitting-wise? I found a wonderful yarn shop in Sheffield called The Wool Baa during Easter. I went there and bought a hank of Lane Borgosesia Cashwool and a hank of Araucania Ranco Multi. I’ve already made a pair of Freya socks from the Araucania yarn. Then last night I began knitting Bad Penny with the bamboo/cotton yarn I got from Finland. The ballband doesn’t give the color a name, but it looks like an old dusty rose. Very pretty. I’ve also designed a pair of fingerless mitts. I’ve knit one and I figure that when I get bored with the Bad Penny I’ll just make the other one because right now, I’m loving the ease of just stockinette stitch compared to the colorwork I’d have to do on the mitten. Plus, it makes it easier to watch DVDs when I don’t actually have to look at what I’m doing. ;)

Oh oh oh! The shower’s fixed! On Monday when I got back I went to take a shower and it wasn’t working (as in no hot water), so I went downstairs and told the porters and then on Tuesday morning a guy came to fix it. It’s so nice to have a hot shower again. And it doesn’t feel like a certain someone has been fiddling with it since, so double yay. ^_^