Follow the leader leader leader…

I’ve still got the Barn Dance stuck in my head; both the song they played for it at Manchester and the actual steps. It was one of my fave dances. And we’d be doing it at practice on Friday when I’m not here. *sniffle* I did meet a really nice guy named Chris who dances for Warwick during the first round of it. At the end of the dance we were supposed to hold on to our partners and dance a Rumba with them. It was during the same round that I danced with the guy from Our Favorite Arguing Couple (a couple from Manchester that constantly argues at competitions). He was a very good dancer, but I didn’t get the nice vibe off of him, unlike Chris. Then during the second round of the Barn Dance I wound up with some advanced guy and were supposed to dance some Salsa afterwards. I told him that I didn’t know any salsa and he was like: “We’ll do it anyway!” and started just twirling and spinning me around the dance floor, very energetically I might add, for over three minutes. Ooh, and I swear, the judge was trying to kill me when he put us through to the second round of Jive. It was tiring enough to do it once, but during the second round something went wrong with the American Spin and I almost fell flat on my face. Luckily Alan caught me in time.

I handed in my Writing Project yesterday. As a reward, I didn’t do any work on my other essay. I worked on my letter of application and spun some yarn in instead. I’m getting better at it. It’s still that lumpy thick’n’thin arty yarn stuff, but it looks good. ^_^ Now I just need to spin some more and then get Jenni to show me how to ply it together. For some reason I just can’t get it to work, even though I know the theory behind it. I’m still working on the Bad Penny. Decided to add in some lacy details instead of cables. Still haven’t decided if I want to make it a long-sleeved sweater or not. Since it is bamboo-cotton it can work as both. We’ll see.

The weather here is wonderful. Sunny and warmish. Maybe I can convince Gabe to come sit on the beach with me today when we’re supposed to meet for a cup of tea. For some reason it’s been really hard to find a time in our schedules when we’re both free. But we did settle on today at 4pm.