This morning has been… well a bit annoying, but mostly okay. I sent off for my provisional driver’s licence. I took the bad pictures that always come out of those automatic machines. It cost £4.20 and I only had four pounds on me, so the guy that was fixing it gave me the 20p I needed. Such a nice old man. ^_^ But the man behind the counter at the post office was just… gah. I needed a postal order to send with my application so he printed out one for me. I get all of the special delivery envelopes so that they can send me my passport back securely and when it’s time to pay? The wrong amount comes up on the machine. Then he tells me that I need to pay for the postal order with cash. Like I have any, everywhere I go I pay with a card. So he sets things aside and I run across the street to the cash machine and get the £50 I needed. I come back and he’s like: “You do know that there’s a fee with this, right?” I nodded my okay and again, I was about to pay with my card. Nope, he asks if I have any more cash on me. *rolls eyes* Something wrong with the machine that takes cards. I need to run across the street again to get more cash. Geez, he could’ve told me all of this sooner! And because he got me running around, I forgot to write my name on the back of the postal order and get the special delivery number of the return envelope. Hrmph. Although I have had pretty good experiences with the special delivery system of the Royal Mail so I’m not too worried. It’s just the regular letters that get lost into the ether. Could be either Royal Mail’s fault or the USPS. Oh well. But yay, that’s done. I should have my provisional licence in a few weeks! o/

My Writing Project is done. I’ve had people read it, point out the missing words (which is something that happens no matter what medium I’m using to convey my writing, seriously). And all of the typos too. I’ve got the folders for it and now all it needs is to be printed. Which I will do on Monday. I only have one more class next week and then I’m done with all of those too. One 3000 word essay to write, well, now only 1500 words left and once that’s been handed in, I can leave Aber any time I feel like. ^_^ I know I whine about writing these essays, but last night while I was struggling to write about Donne’s poetry, I realized that I actually do enjoy it. It’s fun to learn of various perspectives on things. But it’s also annoying to be “forced” to do it. Then again, if I didn’t have these deadlines to write the essays, then I probably wouldn’t do them at all.

I’m still knitting my modified version of Bad Penny. I added in shaping and some cables because let’s face it, plain stockinnette for a whole sweater gets very boring very quickly. But because of my modifications getting the right stitch count is driving me batty.

Ooh! Yesterday after dance practice I was chatting with Alan about my knitting and he was just wondering at the complexity of my scarf (really, it’s not that hard once you know what to do). So I offered to teach him how to knit. And he said okay. Tomorrow at our final dance competition of the year, I’ll be teaching him how to knit in between dancing. Speaking of, at this one we’re participating in more dances than before. We usually do Waltz, Quickstep, Cha and Jive. Occasionally Rumba. This time we’re doing all of the above and Tango. I’m also doing Samba with Jenni. I am so bad at leading (since I am the taller one of us), but at least it’ll be fun. :) Another thing! Alan and I have been moved from B Team Quickstep to A Team Waltz. Squee! :D

Okay, going to go have lunch and get some more reading done for my essay now. Some of that stuff that I need to wade through is so mind-numbingly dry that it kinda makes me want to not do the essay. But occasionally I do find good quotes to use. ^_^