We’re getting a house!

We’ve decided on renting the house. Today I went and got the paperwork that needs to be signed (I’ll take that in on Tuesday since Monday is a bank holiday). Tomorrow Oliver and I have an appointment to go open up a joint account where the rent and bills and stuff will be paid from. So we’ll be moving in soon! Squee! :D

I’m almost done with my Autumn Fruits scarf. I’m calling it that because the color of the yarn makes the melon pattern look more like apples and berries and pumpkins. Now I just need to do the lace edging and then it’ll be done. Well, need to block it as well. But still. My next project will most likely be a Calla (I think that’s what the pattern’s called) in the same dusty rose bamboo yarn that I used for my modified Bad Penny. I feel like I need to use up my yarn since I just went and bought some more today. I only bought two skeins though. One of them was so that my Clapotis scarf could be made longer (it’s very very very short right now). The other one I got because it was pretty. And all the other knitters keep telling me that sock yarn doesn’t really count as stash.

I’m pretty sure I had more to write about (can’t think of it), but right now I really really want to start working on the lace border. So I’ll write later once I’ve remember what I wanted to chat about…