Our house

The new house is great. Been here almost two weeks now and we’re moved in as much as we could be. As in, we’ve brought over all of our things and I’ve put away as much as I’ve been able to, but we still need things like a TV and a coffee table and nightstands and stuff. Like right now, our living room consists of two couches, a painting, Oliver’s moniter that functions as a TV set up on a dining room chair… yep, we’re livin’ the good life. :P

The first problem that we encountered was the fridge. It was turned on, the light came on when the door opened, it hummed… It was just pretending to be a fridge. All of those signs that I just listed? They do not equal the fridge actually keeping things cold. *rolls eyes* So, after waiting a whole night with the fridge turned up onto the highest/coldest setting and it still not being cold, our wonderful landlady sorted out a new fridge for us on Tuesday (we discovered the problem on Monday) and it came on Thursday. ^_^

Then the next problem was the washing machine. As in, I turned it on, it started up and I left the room. I came back about an hour later when everything was quiet. Before I opened the door, I noticed that the dial hadn’t moved to the end, but since the machine wasn’t doing anything, I figured that this machine was different from the other machines I’ve used before. Well, it hadn’t finished since everything was still sopping wet. I set it onto spin and after about five minutes I stopped it and took the almost bone dry towels out. I didn’t think much of it and a few days later, I tried doing another load again. Same thing happened. Our landlord came over today to pick up the broken fridge and the garden rubbish, took a look at the machine and then later our landlady sent me a message saying that a guy’ll be over to fix the machine on Saturday. Hopefully, I’ll get to start doing some laundry soon because it’s starting to pile up.

On Sunday I mowed the lawn. Lemme tell ya, it’s not easy mowing uphill or on a slope. I missed spots. But the day was nice and sunny and warm so I had fun. I so want to go out to buy plants now and pot them. Possibly some herbs that I could use in the kitchen. And some plants like Peace Lilies, Boston Ferns and Spider Plants. I’ve heard that they’re very resilient and won’t die easily. ;) I just need to find a place that sells plants. Ideas? (Oliver has suggested B&Q…) Then yesterday I braved the outbuilding again (kinda scary in there) and got some scissor/clipper things. There were two pairs in there, both covered in cobwebs. I nudged the pair on the ground closest to me and wouldn’t you know it, spiders fleeing everywhere. Squick-fest, especially since I was in flip-flops. I decided to go for the other pair that was a bit farther away on the counter, but seemed less webbed. More spiders fled, but not towards me, so I grabbed the clippers and hotfooted it out of there. I trimmed the edges of the lawn that I couldn’t get with the mower and then a bit of the bush next to the driveway. I also pulled up weeds. I like puttering around the garden. ^_^

I keep hearing pigeon cooing coming from the (non-functional) fireplace. I craned to see up there and it’s dark, so I didn’t see much. Nothing came flying at me (a vision that I could picture very very clearly while I was on my hands and knees) so maybe the birds are on the roof just near the chimney.

I was going to post about my hiking trips (I have discovered The Back Edge!), but this is getting long and the hiking post will have lots of pics so I’ll leave it until tomorrow.

P.S. I never realized how much clothing I actually have until I put it all in one place. Yes, I got both closets and I still need a dresser for the rest the doesn’t fit on hangers.