Piccies of FOs

And this is a knitting update. Lots of pics. You have been warned. Oh and if you don’t understand the knitting chat (don’t worry, there won’t be much of that since it’s all already on Ravelry), just ignore it and admire all of the Finished Objects (FOs). ^_^

Fawkes Socks

This is Fawkes; pattern is by the late Momma Monkey and she designed this as a part of the Harry Potter series of socks to celebrate the last book coming out. I looooooove the yarn. Lisa Souza rocks with her dye jobs. It’s the first time ever that I’ve done all of the repeats that the pattern has said and it still came out very short. Not that I mind, since socks that are longer in the leg have this annoying habit of slouching down to my ankles.

Just some proof that I actually have completed both socks and not just pretending. :P

Autumn Fruits Scarf

And this is what I’ve made with the leftovers from the socks. And I still have some yarn left. Possibly enough for a pair of baby booties.

Anyway, the pattern is from one of my current favorite knitting pattern books: Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. The center consists of three rows of the Melon stitch (from the Melon Shawl) with two sets of faggotting separating them. Such an easy pattern to memorize once you get the hang of how to form the Melon stitch. I decided to use the knitted-on lace border from the Curved Bell Shawl instead of the border that came with the Melon Shawl on the ends.

Bloom Scarf

And this is my crocheted scarf. I think I got the flower pattern from LionBrand.com. Anyways, it’s kinda short and not actually that warm since it’s so hole-y, but it’s meant to be used in the summer anyway. I mean, that is what I made it for, to use in the summer evenings when it’s getting a bit chilly. Definitely not to be used as wind protection (mainly because it won’t provide any).

It’s surprisingly heavy too. The yarns are Mirasol Hacho in two different colorways (the names elude me right now) and some Rowan Cashwool as the center. The cool thing is that the Mirasol Hacho is a Fairtrade yarn, so I get something pretty and get to help others at the same time. ^_^

Teeny Tiny Bear

And this is what I made in a day when I wanted a project to zoom by. Ain’t it cute? (Yes, I do know it has no eyes or nose embroidered on it, but I like it as it is.)