Little things

I had decided to make meatballs tonight. And make them I did. Except that I didn’t have two of the ingredients that were called for in the recipe that I got from my mom. So did I do the neighborly thing and ask next door if they had any? Nope. I improvised. And they taste pretty good too. They just aren’t meat_ball_ shaped. I’m calling them BBQ meatflats. Because they’re flat. Y’see, the first batch that I tried frying up crumbled all to pieces. But the next ones I smooshed flat with my fingers before I put them in the pan and they were fine. Weird. But still, they taste good. And that’s the main thing.

Went for another hike today. Just my luck that the moment I get to the access land the sun goes into hiding and the wind picks up. As soon as I get back in the house (which was like two hours later) the sun comes out again. Didn’t stick around for very long though; the rain chased it away. So it’s a good thing I went hiking when I did. Took more photos. Will post them later. Just wanted to say how nice it was to find a woodsy area where I can just listen to the wind rustle the leaves instead of having to drown out the traffic with my iPod.

Oh and I’ve accepted a place at Nottingham Trent for next year. Apparently I’m expected to write at least 3000 words a week. I’m pretty sure that’s a target I can reach without too much difficulty if I’m in the groove (that is to say, inspired). Unfortunately, at least in Aber, that didn’t happen very often. Then again, the workload there was very light, unlike in Montana where I was writing constantly (mainly essays though). But still, it was writing something.

The TO LET sign is still in our front yard. Maybe I should call the estate agents and ask what to do with it.

Planning on going to a carboot sale tomorrow morning. Except that the washing machine repair man is coming between 9 and noon. Oliver’ll be in though, which means that I can go browse other peaople’s junk, so hopefully the repair man won’t ask too many questions about what’s wrong with the thing.

Right, time for some cheesecake ice cream while I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Weirdly enough, a pint of Haegen Daas was cheaper by over a £1 than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Usually they’re the same price…