I am a sheep that has jumped on the band wagon


That is where I am spending all of my time. Just signed up today. Already love it. ^_^

I did some cleaning and gardening in the morning, but the wind just annoyed me too much to do more than pull up the biggest weeds in the front garden. I did unearth a small rosebush that had been obscured by pink weeds. ^_^

We’re getting a new washer-dryer tomorrow and our landlord will be over on Saturday to install it. Thing is, we’re leaving tomorrow night to go to Leicester to celebrate Shaun’s birthday. So I told our landlady that we won’t be and asked if they have a set of keys to get in (because I don’t mind them coming in to do stuff that *needs* to be done. They’re great people and I totally trust them). Haven’t heard back from her yet.

The birthday present is done! My very own design and really quick to knit. Then again, I had a deadline, so maybe that’s why it went quickly. Anyway, I’ll try to get some pics of the birthday boy wearing it. :) (Obviously, I’m not saying what it is until he’s received it, just in case he reads this. Which I doubt, but still not taking any chances.)

And we’re off to Morrisons with Oliver’s parents. They’re giving us a ride until I’ve got my own car and license to drive. Speaking of driving, I had another lesson on Tuesday. We practiced three point turns, although they’re not called that by the instructors & examiners. They call them turning in the road. You don’t have to do it in three to pass the exam so I guess it makes sense. Still, I did do it in three and did not hit the curb once! I like driving. Really really do. Apparently I just need to work on my steering technique while turning. X)