The Farmgirl in me

So, I’ve decided to join this called the Plurkette Hencircle. Basically, it’s about wanting to stick to the old homegrown ways and building a community. Our first group task is to introduce ourselves, so here goes. :)

I’m a 22 year old Creative Writing post-grad student who has just moved in with her boyfriend of almost four years. Since we got the house (we’re renting so can’t do anything major) I have realized how much I actually enjoy doing housework and baking and gardening. Right now, my mission is to get rid of all the weeds that keep popping up everywhere. And the nice thing is, once it’s done there are surprises in involved with it; like after getting rid of a big weed plant, I found a rose bush behind it. I guess a part of this stems from helping my mom out whenever she gardened. I didn’t always enjoy being dragged outside to help with the trimming of bushes or mowing the lawn, but I am glad now that I did. And I’m finally getting why my mom likes this stuff. Growing things is fun! Not that I’ve planted anything yet, but I am planning on it. I’ve got the yarn/fiber/fabric crafting skills, now I just need the time to do more of that. But if I have less time for those now that I’ve begun gardening as well? That’s okay. Then there’s all of the cooking and baking to think about as well. And discovering new ways of cleaning things. Washing floors is still at the very bottom of my list, but everything else is becoming fun. That’s what I’m hoping this circle will do for me, make things fun while I do what some consider as chores. I have to do it anyway, so why not enjoy it too?