Mug preferences

We’ve got quite a few mugs and cups and glasses. Lots of them. But I’ve got some mugs/cups that have designated purposes. Like the blue mugs (two of them) are for morning tea for me and Oliver. And it’s always tea in them. Then there’s the green mug; that was mine (came with a matching bowl) but now that’s what I make his afternoon/evening tea in. The yellow mug (with matching bowl and teaspoon) is for both tea and coffee. Mainly tea though. The Florida mug that says “Julie” on it is mainly for coffee, thus mine since Oliver doesn’t drink coffee at all. There are two random mugs, a black one and a huge maroon one, that don’t really have a “purpose” in my head. But I usually have hot chocolate from the maroon one on the rare occasions that I make hot chocolate. Then there’s the black flowery cups that came with our cutlery and plates and bowls and coasters. Those are the ones that are given to guests. Because they match. It looks good. It’s all about the presentation. Then we also have some plain cream colored cups that are kind of like backups. And then there’re the hand-painted butterfly china cups that I bought from Greece. Those are for special occasions and thus haven’t actually been used yet. But they’re really pretty and I want to keep them that way.

The thing is, I haven’t actually consciously decided all of this. It wasn’t until last night that it came up. After taking us grocery shopping, Oliver’s parents stayed over for a bit, like they do. And usually I offer to make drinks (as in tea or coffee) while Oliver’s showing his dad stuff on the computer or something. But yesterday I didn’t. Again, not consciously deciding to not make anything, it just didn’t occur to me. So Oliver’s mom said that she’s going to go make some coffee. Okay, fine. She knows where things are. But because I hadn’t put away all of the dry dishes that were on the drying rack thingy next to the sink during the day, she went to take one of the mugs on there. A blue one specifically. She did ask if she could use it, and assuming that she could she’d already taken it off the drying rack. When I said no, it’s a morning tea mug, she looked confused and kind of taken aback. Then I explained this whole mug thing that I’ve got going on and offered her a different one (or maybe she suggested a different one, can’t remember). She made her coffee and then went out for a cig.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Is my mug preference thing odd? Oliver was there when I explained it to his mom and he seemed pretty surprised. When I asked him later today about it, he said that it’s unique, that it’s the first he’d heard of anyone doing the same thing. Do any of you have similar preferences (to anything really, this question isn’t limited to just drinking implements)?

Oh and those two matching bowls that I mentioned? They’re breakfast cereal bowls. Sometimes I eat ice cream or porridge out of them, but that’s very rare. So basically, they’re my designated breakfast bowls. I just don’t like eating cereal out of other bowls and the other bowls we have seem better suited for soups and stuff. *shrug* But that’s just me.